Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning

In an increasingly competitive and data-driven economy, it is critical for marketers, project managers or entrepreneurs to build effective and strategic digital marketing plans to ensure the successful launch of any product or project. This course will address the tools and techniques used in the planning phase of digital marketing strategies and enable you to gain the toolkit to build ready-to-launch projects for your organisation and/or external clients.

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8 weeks plus final assessment
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8 hours
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Digital Marketing and Sales
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Course Introduction

This course provides you with the foundation principles of digital marketing planning and the necessary steps in building effective digital marketing strategies. You will learn about various marketing tactics and digital platforms, understand how to define target audiences, gain messaging techniques, and develop KPI assessment knowledge. Throughout the course, you will also develop your critical, analytical and strategic-thinking skills.

Through Digital Skills Academy’s experiential learning approach, you’ll have an opportunity to apply and embed your new skills whilst on the course.

How Will This Course Help To Advance Your Career

Whether you are embarking in a career in Digital Marketing or developing your marketing skills within your current organisation, you need the skills that ensure your digital product is properly defined and that your marketing goals are achieved. This course will enable you to develop comprehensive and efficient marketing plans and so stand out in front of managers, investors or recruiters.

On completion of this course, you will have covered:

  • Traditional marketing concepts and digital applications
  • The necessary steps in planning effective digital marketing strategies
  • Various tactics used in digital marketing such as Search, Display, Email, Social and Mobile
  • How to define target audiences, markets and messaging as the foundations of digital marketing strategy planning
  • How to apply the various digital marketing tactics based on analysis of all available data
  • How to plan strategies based on specific goals and the importance of measuring Key Performance Indicators to assess the effectiveness of your strategies
  • The ability to research various platforms to provide relevant data and make informed decisions
  • A fundamental understanding of how any digital marketing strategy can be planned and the ability to evaluate its potential effectiveness

On completion of this course, you will have created the following assets:

  • A digital marketing strategy plan
  • A social media audit

As part of our application process, you will take a simple, online suitability assessment for your chosen course. Based on your answers, this will confirm that you have the skills and experience required for a successful outcome.

8 hours (comprising a weekly average of 4 taught hours plus 4 additional hours on average for self-study, research and group work)

You will be given a number of course-specific assignments that both reinforce the learning and give you work-based experience of applying your new skills. All assignments are subject to a rigorous assessment framework. Assessments for this specific course will include a weekly quiz, a social media audit assessment and a digital marketing strategy assignment.

Key Benefits Of Online Short Courses

Learn Through Work-Based Experience

You’ll be working on assignments and projects, including the development of your own web service, that present work-based strategic business challenges and demanding customer requirements.

Build A Compelling Portfolio

Whether you’re looking to accelerate your career or perhaps preparing for your next career move, you’ll complete the course with a cutting-edge portfolio to help you reach your career aspirations.

Reinforce The Learning

Our Live Syncs and Mentoring sessions enable you to tap into the knowledge of our lecturers in real-time and support your development of invaluable group-working skills.

Learn From The Experts

All Digital Skills Academy lecturers blend academic excellence with professional experience. Their knowledge and skills have been applied and stress-tested over many years in the real world.

Enjoy The Learning Experience

Digital Skills Academy short courses are based on a proven, flexible learning methodology. You’ll be able to access your courses anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Peer Learning

You’ll be part of an online international community of fellow working professionals. You’ll benefit from the advice, support, insights and experiences shared by your peers from across the globe.

Who Our Participants Work For
Participants represent a significant cross-section of global brands from a wide mix of industries, including the following:

What Our Participants Say About Digital Skills Academy Programmes

“I believe the course teaches you to be adaptable and prepares you for real world situations and experiences.” – Filch O'Neill, Digital Skills Academy Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Are any extra resources needed to complete this course?

All the resources you require will be provided within this course and extra web-based resources such as official documentation will be highlighted.

How much existing knowledge of digital marketing do I require?

We assume that you have no prior knowledge of Digital Marketing. The course is ideal as a practical introduction but also includes tips and insights for someone who wants to build on their existing knowledge.

I already know a lot about Digital Marketing. Besides the certificate on offer, is there anything of value I can learn?

Digital Marketing is constantly evolving, but understanding the underlying principles of how to plan and create an effective digital marketing strategy is often overlooked. This foundational approach to planning a digital marketing strategy ensures you understand the structure on which any effective digital marketing strategy can be created.

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