Can I pay the course fees in instalments?

We offer payment plans with two instalments for some of our short courses. Please follow the link to the relevant course on our website for payment details.

How do I communicate with my international team members?

Participants communicate through online collaboration tools with team members in other countries.

How do Online Short Courses work?

Our courses are a blend of online eLearning, virtual team working, and online-led workshops with fellow participants. Each week, content is released for you to complete in your own time.

However, we advise you to complete the content within the week to maintain a manageable workload. Outside of the content, you will have access to Live Syncs and forums. It is up to each team to determine the time of the week that works best for them.

How long will the content be available for?

24 hour access once the content is delivered. Content is delivered on a weekly basis according to the course schedule. No content will be made available early.

How will completing an Online Short Course help me to progress onto an undergraduate Degree programme?

Online Short Courses contribute to the participant’s portfolio of prior learning. All relevant/related prior learning - including Online Short Courses - is considered when assessing applications for Digital Skills Academy’s BSc Degree programmes.

Is it possible to hold down a full time job and do an Online Short Course at the same time?

Absolutely. Our courses are designed for people in full-time employment.

Is the qualification recognised in my country? Are Online Short Courses accredited?

Online Short Courses are certified by Digital Skills Academy. As an industry leader in the field of digital technology and innovation with a proven track record of producing industry-ready talent, the Digital Skills Academy brand recognition will add high quality value to your CV and your organisation’s strategy.

What are the entry requirements for Online Short Courses?

As part of our application process, you will take a simple, online suitability assessment for your chosen course. Based on your answers, this will confirm that you have the skills and experience required for a successful outcome.

Depending on the course chosen, you may need specific technical skills. Please revert to the course you are interested in and check the “entry requirements” section for details.

What documentation will I receive to confirm that I have successfully completed the Online Short Course?

Once you have successfully completed your course, you will receive a formal Certificate of Completion. All certificate costs, including packaging and international delivery, are included in the course fee.

What kind of support will I have access to?

You will have access to Live Syncs and forums.

Live Syncs are live online sessions where you get to talk to the curriculum lead for the course as well as to your fellow participants. These sessions will give you an opportunity to set any questions to our lecturers and review the material previously covered to ensure you are on top of the workload. Recordings of Live Syncs are made available (after 24 hours) for those who are unable to attend in real time.

A forum is available for discussion around key ideas, learning and interesting ideas relating to the course. You will be able to collaborate with other participants to find answers and discover more about the subject. Lecturers will also join the discussion and bring their expertise to your discussion.